My name is Daniela “Dani” Kretschmer, I was born on October 25, 2006, in Santiago, Chile. We are a family of four: my mother Jasna Bentjerodt, my father Udo Kretschmer, and my brother Gustavo, who is also a skier. We live in Paine, and I attend San Isidro School, currently in my penultimate year. Ever since I was young, thanks to my family, I've been passionate about sports. I learned to ski when I was four years old, and later, I started skiing with Felipe and Rodrigo Miranda in Los Morros Lake. I entered my first amateur tournament when I was nine, and gradually, I started enjoying it more and more.

A few years later, I won my first Latin American competition in Chile, and during the pandemic, I went to the United States for the first time to train. I competed in my first tournament there followed by my first Masters and Junior World Championships. Over time, I kept learning, improving, and becoming a part of the incredible team we have today. In January of this year, I achieved my greatest dream by becoming the Junior Slalom World Champion. It's something I never thought I would achieve when I started, and it was a beautiful experience that I could share with my family, friends, and team.

After this I had a back injury that prevented me from skiing for a few months. It was hard but it helped me realize how much I enjoy what I do. Now I am really happy to be back on the water doing what I love and very motivated and excited for what's to come.

  • Second Place Us Masters 2021
  • Second Place Panams 2021
  • Second Place Us Masters 2022
  • Second Place Panams 2022
  • First Place Junior Worlds 2023
  • Second place U17 World Ranking
  • PB: 3@38´ off
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